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    Mobile Cuttings Treatment Unit

    FD Petrol is always in pursuit of providing state of art design products for the industry ,since we developed the first vertical cuttings dryer in 2010 ,we are always seeking to design a mobile drilling waste management unit for the purpose of user friendly reasons,convinient movement from site to site. The unit was launched into market at the end of 2012.

    The FD Petrol MDU consists of a patented SGL-01 cuttings dryer& DW 2000 decanter centrifuge fixed on a transport truck, with all fluid handling and electrical equipment incorporated on board.

    This mobile concept allows our drilling waste management service customers to service multiple rigs within a certain area and rigs with limited backyard space. This service can eliminate the cost of having a 24-hour cuttings drying operation on each rig. Dryers have proven to be the most effective process to maximize the recovery of OBM from drill cuttings and can help to reduce drilling waste by 50%.

    Mobile cuttings treatment unit

    Basic Specifications&Process of FD Petrol MDU

    1.One unit SGL-01 verti G cuttings dryer ,rotate at 900 rpm gennerate 400 G force ,treating capacity is 25-40 tons/h

    2.Three units of 10 inch screw conveyors ,which are used to feed the cuttings dryer and transport the cuttings discharged from cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuges

    3.Two units speed adjustable screw pumps feeding for the DW 2000 centrifuge and transfer the clean fluids back to active tank.

    4.One unit 14 inch high speed decanter centrifuge ,specially designed for drilling waste management use.Inside structure is differnt from traditional solids control centrifuge.

    5.Steel frame supported tank with two compartments ,one with mud agitator to mix the drilling fluids come from SGL-01 cuttings dryer ,the anther is to collect the drilling fluids treated by DW2000 centrifuge.

    6.Telescope roof shelter to protect the machines,PLC control panel and operator from sunshine and rain.

    7.Heavy duty off road semitrailer .

    Features & Benefits of FD Petrol MDU.

    1)Reduction in oil on cuttings (OOC) to less than 5% by weight

    2)Waste minimization: helps to reduce haul-off volume by 50%

    3)Unit is self-contained for rapid rig-up and rigdown

    4)MDU can be called out to provide service only when needed, allowing the backyard to remain uncongested

    5)MDU is rigged down and moved off location until needed again

    6)Space on location is saved by not having to house solids control employees

    7)This service is extremely flexible and will significantly reduce mud costs and haul-off

    The mobile dring unit is just one of our innovative design ,welcome to FD Petrol and find more by yourself.Our goal is keep on leading the China drilling waste management and solids control industry.

    FD Petrol Drilling Waste Management & Solids Control & Rig Camp